SINA AZARI, Retirement Expert and Risk Analyst
Shawn Vile
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OFFICE: (714) 701-8488
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Shawn is delighted to be a resident of Orange County and an Alumni of the University of Arizona with a degree in Marketing and Merchandising.  Following graduation, Shawn pursued years of work in fashion merchandising with Calvin Klein and Warnaco Inc.  It was not long before Shawn moved into management supervising over 50 people in the southeast region.   


Over the last four years, Shawn has been a licensed Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care and Annuity Agent.   More recently, Shawn has focused on strategic financial retirement planning.

Shawn is an innovative customer service representative who effectively executes and motivates associates through continual guidance, direction, development and coaching.  She uses sound judgement and resolves problems tactfully and diplomatically.  Shawn is devoted to the highest levels of service through efficient team and customer account management.  Her mission is to help adults and their families protect their financial security and plan for their future, She recognizes that clients needs and priorities change over time,  Shawn is dedicated to  being there to serve them with integrity every step of the way to building trust and long term relationships.


Shawn likes to spend her free time with her family, including her son who attends college and her daughter who is a sophomore in high school.  Shawn is dedicated to keeping herself in top physical condition through a healthy diet and exercise program.


Shawn Vile is a Risk Assessment Advisor with Present Financial Partners and Insurance Associates. Present Financial offers over 130 different Insurance companies and carriers.  By being a Licensed Broker, our portfolio of offerings aren't limited to any specific carrier, this allows us to offer only the best, most suitable, TOP RATED and secure products accommodating our clients' specific needs.  Present does not charge any broker fees or additional expenses.